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I AM that I AM!

  • I AM Co-Creative Consciousness in ACTION!
  • I AM Grateful & Honored to Connect with YOU!  
  • I AM Divine Spark! Here to Share my Light with your Light!
  • I AM Guided! and I AM here to, create a space for us, so that we can cultivate our most authentic selves!  


The moment we realize – that it’s actually OKAY to have EVERYTHING that we want – is the moment which we CAN and WILL change our lives, for the better!  Yes, in this very moment – we can begin to speak our desires into existence!

Do you know how powerful you are?! [or] A better question to ask is: Do you know of the Power that lies within you?! This is the Power of the “I AM” – and “I AM” is the “Name of God”! The use, of this Powerful Divine Name, is otherwise called, the Law of Moses

The Law of Moses - is perhaps the greatest and most powerful Universal Law - because it's the ONLY Law that requires us to observe 'The Name of God'!  By and through this observance we can and will manifest any dream, goal or desire that we may have. 

The Law of Moses dictates: that ANYTHING, that we declare or affirm after the words “I AM” has to reveal itself in the manner by which it is spoken. If the manner of our speech is negative – then negativity will reflect back to us. If the manner of our speech is positive – then positivity will be reflected bact to us.

Paradoxically, however, it is not quite that simple.  In order for us to use the Name of God and the Law of Moses for which it was originally intended – then we MUST understand the Biblical and Spiritual Codes contained within them. And this is where this website comes in....

I AM ONE with YOU!

ALL of us – whether we realize it or not – use and observe the Law of Moses…however, many of us do so, by default. For this reason, this site was created. So that together – we can uncover the hidden secrets of “His Power” (the Name of God) – and then use this Power in our everyday lives. 

Here you will find many tools, links and resources that relates to the “I AM” – with many other materials that will be added on a regular basis (so be sure to check back with this site frequently).

Armed with this knowledge, together we will manifest our truest desires; and begin to see ourselves - as God sees us: AS BEAUTIFUL SPIRITUAL CREATED BEINGS OF LOVE and LIGHT!!! 

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The #DailyManna Series:

Daily Manna e-book Series

Learn more about how to apply "the Great I AM" in every area of your life!


Mini-Blog site (Instagram) - that contains Videos of Todays' Winning Affirmation....

Do you desire to manifest your dream life? Well, how you start and end each day is critical!! Now, with the: “The I AM Journal” - you can write your intentions and watch your life unfold, in the way that you would have it! {Habakkuk 2:2}

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